Active since 2012, Swan Kuchen has progressed over the years to become one of the most renowned custom Furniture makers in India. Having its business operations based in Vadodara, ever since its inception, Swan Kuchen has believed in achieving the highest customer satisfaction and delivering exquisite home improvement solutions tailored for those who crave aspirational living.

With interiors market growing swiftly in India, there is a constant, unquenched need among homeowners to remodel their house and transform it in a sleek, personalized and adorable custom design. This is where elaborate craft and intense passion of Swan Kuchen come to your rescue.

Swan Kuchen takes pleasure from the fact that we trust in delivering factory-finished furniture of exceptional quality, saving you hassle of going through tedious deals with contractors, offering you tremendous peace of mind as you go about the business of living your everyday life.

No annoying wait time. No carpenters creating chaos at your home. Freedom from offending mechanical noise. And no worry about overwhelming mess of wooddust. Swan Kuchen takes over all your concerns providing one-stop solution for all your high-quality interiors.

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Transparency of Business Commitment
We never promise until we gain confidence about our ability to fulfill the commitment. We follow the strict principle of transparency in the matters of our product designs and services, which helps develop warm customer relationship.
Value for Money
Living in a tight economy, we understand how you expect value for each penny you spend. Our house modelling furniture solutions are designed to meet your precise requirements and offer incredible value for money.
Exotic Styles
With a range of styles and impressive diversity in designs, Swan Kuchen brings home furniture pieces and interiors that appear lively, exotic and ritzy. Our material choices, shapes and finishing ultimately define your lifestyle.
Assurance for Best Quality
We believe that quality is a virtue that inspires unflinching trust in customers. From dashing wardrobes and TV units to eye-popping Sofas and kitchen cabinets, each furniture piece speaks of uncompromised quality we guarantee at Swan Kuchen.
Competitive Service Standards
Our services are focused around providing highest flexibility at each and every level of our customer engagement model. You will experience great comfort and peace knowing that you have chosen a right furniture partner for your home sweet home.
Customization & Choices
When it comes to exploring a generous number of choices for customization, you will be surprised to know that Swan Kuchen has got it all: colours, patterns, class, designs, and materials. Every inch of details found in our furniture is made to look flawless with world class technology.