Whether you are sleeping or sitting on your bed, each moment you spend on your bed must relax you from daily stress. We have a collection of different Beds that are designed to meet your aesthetic tastes as well as storage needs.

Low Height Decorative Bed

Easily moveable and fascinating in appearance, low height decorative bed provides you all the flexibility and comfort you can ask while enjoying yourself in bed.

It is simple in arrangement yet splendid in its usage.

Openable Bed

As the name suggests, storage facility bed affords the facility of storing many household items and knickknacks in within bed.

Due to in-built storage, you can minimize the clutter of your bedroom and enjoy more space in style.

Drawer Type Bed

This is another type in storage facility bed that comes with drawer arrangement. You can pull out drawers in order to store the items of use whenever you need.

They come in many different designs and styles.

Lifting Bed

Having a bed with integrated storage facility is like an icing on cake. With lifting storage bed, you get the icing through lift-up mechanism.

This kind of bed is very useful and comfortable in use, and they also offer simplicity and practical ease.


Closets and wardrobes are a house to your personal belongings and clothes. Crafted with precision and prowess, Swan Kuchen wardrobes go beyond your imagination to offer you magnificent styles, design and structures of wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobes

Some folks find it amazing to work their wardrobe open in style and with much ease.

This logic is handsomely applied to our surprising range of Sliding wardrobes that are built to impress.

Openable Wardrobes

People who are in haste and want their wardrobes to open and show options quickly require Openable Wardrobes.

We have a high range of Openable wardrobes that will suit your personal tastes.

Children Bed Room Wardrobes

With emphasis on dreamy landscapes, Children bed room wardrobes have fantasy pictures and design.

It creates magical effect on children as they explore their outfit without losing the touch of their childhood.

Half Passage Wardrobes

The main mantra behind designing Half Passage wardrobes is to marry style with convenience.

You can enjoy a small passage built inside a beautiful wardrobe to easily hand and pluck the items of your clothing and accessories.

Living Room Wardrobes

Offering a wide range of attractive Living Room wardrobes, we serve the three main purposes to enhance the space of your living room: Comfort, elegance and functionality.

You will be surprised at how much you get out of it.

Slope Wardrobes

We offer unique custom storage solutions by creating elegant and functional wardrobes for better, comfortable clutter-free living.