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By Style

Classic Kitchen

Bring home exotic vibes in your kitchen and enhance its appearance and feel with installation of classy material.

Customized Furniture Manufacturer Vadodara Baroda Gujarat

Modern Kitchen

Highly functional and outstanding in its beauty, modern kitchen we make will leave you astonished with unbelievable value and aesthetics.

Transitional Kitchen

Swan kuchen’s transitional kitchen stands unique and lets homeowners enjoy the tailor-made space of the kitchen with great practical comfort

By Material

Membrane Finish

We offer extensive range of Membrane shutters for kitchen cabinets to suit the unique style of your modular kitchen.

Made with highest quality, membrane finish provides a glossy look and contemporary appearance for modern kitchens.

Laminate Finish

When it comes to offering generous choices of variety, Laminate finish never disappoints homeowners with budget-friendly mindset.

Available in assorted colours, patterns and textures, Laminate kitchens can impress you with all its sleek gloss and matt finishes.

Acrylic Finish

Sleek, sophisticated and exquisite, the acrylic panels delivered by Swan Kuchen are made to surprise your senses.

Manufactured with finesse, passion and precision, Acrylic finish has bragging rights of being scratch-resistant and can make your kitchen look perfect with high gloss and non-fading elegance.

UV Lacquered Finish

Safe for the environment and available in various awesome colours, UV Lacquered finish could be the best choice for homeowners who are looking for both strength and style.

To provide enhanced protection to surface and colour coating, we use UV technology for lacquered coating..

PU Finish

PU finish offers durability, thickness and toughness for years and can also augment the shine of your kitchen cabinet.

This kid of finish enables you to perform kitchen activities without much concern of cleanliness and loss of gloss.

Polymer Finish

If you are looking for something aesthetic that also remains highly resistance in the matters of liquid penetration and unpleasant knocks, Polymer finish can be best recommended.

Polymer panels come with solid as well as wood-grain colour effect and have consistent appearance.

Veneered Finish

Using trendy veneered finish, a homeowner can achieve effective high gloss and a special look that resembles the appearance of piano top.

Adding superb warmth and magnificence of nature to your kitchen personality, veneered finish is becoming a popular choice among many expert kitchen designers.

Melamine Finish

Earlier used as an artificial wood, Melamine is highly appreciated and preferred by furniture manufacturers.

Quick to manufacture, Melamine finish gives surfaces that are high in longevity and resistant to rough scratches.

Glass Finish

Showing elegance, reflections and incredible light effects, your kitchen with Glass finish looks so charismatic it can make you spend more time cooking.

Glass finish adds style statement for your kitchen space and appeals to many homeowners.

Solid Wood Finish

Crafted with perfect wisdom and idea of brining natural warmth and texture to your kitchen, solid wood finish from the Swan Kuchen creates classic and sophisticated cabinets.

The solid wood used in creation of high-quality furniture reflects beauty, elegance and class.

By Design

Straight Kitchen

Despite being space efficient, straight kitchens are dazzling and are built to display the clever art of space utilization. Known as single-wall kitchen in general, they offer tremendous convenience and functionality and are suitable to those with small space.

As kitchen appliances and equipment are smartly placed under bench top, it leaves good space for you to perform kitchen activities.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This is a linear type of design that has slabs arranged on two sides of kitchen walls. Independent of other building components, it is easy to adjust for regular kitchen users. L-shaped kitchen could be the glorious part of your house and befits houses with a luxury of ample space.

You can also enjoy clutter-free counter space with L-shaped kitchen bench.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The design approach of U-shaped Kitchen consists of workspace created on 3 adjoining walls, two of which stand perpendicular to a third one. You will have a good room free from traffic with this kind of kitchen design.

This is the most usable and versatile layout for kitchens packed with elegance, convenience and space efficiency, offering plenty of counter and cupboard area for excellent space usage.

Parallel Kitchen

Parallel kitchen payout is ideal for areas that have limited space and beautifully blends style with utility. With cabinets situated at the sides of kitchen, the unique design promotes the idea of economically using the space while increasing the comfort and convenience needed for cooking.

It also puts homeowners in state of amazement at how it carries the balance of both elegance and ease of cooking.

Island Kitchen

Island style kitchen capitalizes on the idea of converting large kitchen area into a place enriched with class, sophistication and a lot of storage space.

Extra seating, versatile place, additional amenities and material options are reasons why homes with larger space should opt for Island kitchen. More drawers, cabinets and pull-out units form a pleasant extension to your existing kitchen.