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Sofa Set

We understand that you would like to spend your afternoons and evenings sitting on a sofa set. Exotic, unique and refreshing, we possess a generous range of Sofa sets to support your specific sitting requirements.

Sectional Sofa

As the name suggests, it comprises multiple pieces up to 3-5. It can be arranged in creative configurations, which depends on number of pieces. It uses fixtures to connect those sectional pieces to keep them connected and stable in place.

L-shape and U-shape are two common configurations, but you will now a day get varied designs, styles and materials in sectional sofas.

Lawson-Style Sofa

This sofa style promotes comfort and has back which is a remarkable element of its overall design. Separated from the frame, back is decorated with pillows.

The sofa created with Lawson style is quite soft and comfy with added cushions. This is popular design of modern style available in many colours, sizes and materials.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Mid-century modern design used to be a remarkable in times of 40’s and 70’s. This style is becoming supreme favourite for those who love this time-tested sofa.

These sofas are inspired by minimalist design idea and enhance overall appearance and comfort of your living room. If combined properly with existing home design, this sofa can work an added elegance.

English Sofa

The low arms in comparison with high back is the identity of popular English sofas. Tight upholstery coupled with decent cushions make this sofas ideal for house with English attributes.

Tautness with which the upholstery of English sofa is designed and its low arms are a few qualities that distinguish English sofa from other types.

Loveseats Sofa

Loveseat sofa is a unique term for a sofa made for the seating of two people and graces the space of a living room. It comes in many exotic styles and designs and can be used according to the convenience expected by inhabitants.

Since it is difficult to stretch out wide on loveseat sofa, it is usually suitable for two people desirous of intimate space.


This kind of sofa has no back and is placed against the wall where you can arrange some fancy cushions to support your back.Because of being backless, those who desire flexibility in pillow placement can think of Divan sofas in their living room.

It acts as a stylish, attractive piece in your home and offers you amazing colours.

Wooden Sofa Set

Made of natural wood, wooden sofa set is designed to flaunt its natural beauty and can grab all your attention at times.

They are wider, tougher and supports good amount of weight. It can certain appeal to homeowners who like to indulge in the magic of wooden craft and its sleek artistic patterns.

LED TV Unit Furniture

LED TV needs dedicated furniture solution in order to support the unit without disturbing the rest of interiors. Our furniture matches best with your TV unit to create pleasant vibes of amusement in living room.

Wall MTG. TV Unit Design

Wall-mounted TV unit design adds both comfort and ease entertainment lovers creating chic and neat look in your living room.

No wires or sockets intrude your view and you can also store your favourite collection of books, music and movies.

Desk Type Unit Design

If your living room lacks in features and you think an LCD TV can add sterral qualities to it, Desk type Unit design could be your best choice.

This is a traditional style that many homeowners still prefer to achieve a simple yet sophisticated look.

Dining Table

Dining experience comprises of ease, convenience and style. We deliver beautifully made dining table designs that will make you dine with delight.

Traditional Dining Table

Classy and traditional Dining tables can fit perfectly into the house that has conventional feel and look.

Rectangular designs created with finesses and precision provides flawless space for your people to dine in comfort and style.

Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid wood dining table is symbolic of artistic craftsmanship and great practical value. Built with honest labour, it reflects true beauty, elegance and diligence invested by expert makers.

They can be perfect for family dinner, romantic evening or for lively dinner party.