Membrane Shutter

deal for modular kitchen, Membrane shutters by Swan kuchen are built with high-quality boards and coated with polished PVC gloss.

If you buy Membrane shutters from us, you can be sure you are taking home unrivalled quality.

Laminate Shutter

Laminate shutter are known best for the combination of sleekness and strength. Swan Kuchen Laminate shutters deliver element of perfection and admiration for your living room space.

They can be an eye-popping style statement for your kitchen.

Acrylic Shutter

Buffed and elegant, Acrylic Shutters from Swan Kuchen can be a mark of extravagance for your kitchen cabinets as well as living room spaces.

We offer unbelievable standard of quality and ample options in designs that are timeless, viable and durable.

UV Lequared Merino Gloss Meister

Ever so exotic and glossy, UV Lacquered Merino Gloss Meister brings home vivacious design structure.

Because of amazing protection from UV rays, it can withstand the test of time for years to come, leaving you with its modern look and high gloss finish.

UV Lequared Action Tesa

Extra shiny and sleek, UV Lacquered Action Tesa is super smooth and protected against harmful effect of Ultra Violet rays.

Its polished surface creates lustrous appeal and envious charm, giving you a solid wood look and timeless glossy finish.

PU Special Effect Shutter

For those desiring a trendy, contemporary look in their interiors, elaborately manufactured PU special effect shutter could be the best choice for you.

Embellishing your space with riveting design elements, these shutters can definitely take your breath away.

Veneer Shutter

Veneer shutters are made using thin slices of natural wood stuck inseparably to plywood boards.

With its water proof polish and rich look, Veneer shutters make for a smashing choice for those who crave natural wood finish with classic and royal attributes.

Polymer Shutter

Like Acrylic, Polymer shutter has emerged popular in recent times due to its great value, breathtaking beauty and timeless features.

Designed to suit the discerning tastes of urban people, Polymer shutter can surprise you with its glossy, unblemished look.